About Our Community

We are a Torah observant community that is transitioning to traditional Judaism. Our purpose is to share the Tanakh and the light of Torah in our weekly portions. We focus in character building and learning to be more tolerant towards one another in Tanakh study. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning Tanakh from traditional Judaism. Shalom, Moreh Richard Cortes~
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Our Beliefs & Values

We are a Torah Observant Community that teaches Torah Judaism. This means that our foundation is in the Tanach. We teach the core value of Judaism, which is, the removal of Idolatry worship, righteous justice within the community, and loving our neighbor as our self. 

Torah Observant Community

No Idols

We believe that there is ONE TRUE God, the God of Israel. Therefore, we reject any “Trinity” concept or eastern philosophies.

Righteous Justice

We believe that learning to dwell as a community requires biblical justice outlined in the Tanach. This means extending equity to all individuals. 


We believe that understanding God’s Peace allows us to experience healthy relationships and share the essence of God’s Shalom with others. 


We are called to repent from our idolatry (defined by Gods Word) with a pure heart. We then embrace one another to foster the change we need from within through mutual accountability. 


We are a congregation of order & accountability. This means that there is due process when handling weighty matters and conflict that can arise.