Women's Character Building

"A woman of virtue, she is far more precious than jewels." ~Proverbs 31:10
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Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Cultivate The Necessary Changes To Walk In The Likeness Of Hashem

Women’s Character Building is intended to help the women of the community grow into strong spiritual mothers, daughter, sisters, and friends.

We discuss issues:

…that would hinder our growth, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and give answers on how to properly correct our train of thoughts and fix those issues in our lives.

…such as submission to authority issues, whether that authority is God fearing or not, and how biblically executed Godly submission in the home as well as outside of the home.

…WCB also helps women how to deal with daily issues that can cause emotional, mental, and spiritual distress. WCB is a safe haven for women who are seeking a better way to live a God-first life. If we don’t properly love Hashem, first and foremost, we cannot be the best woman God desired us to be.

Purpose & Goals

FOTW’s Women’s Character Building has been established in order to restore the whole woman of Hashem to her role as a mother, sister, wife, and friend. We desire to restore the Jewish faith’s definition of what a righteous woman of Hashem is.

We encourage spiritual growth and maturity throughout our daily lives and in our halacha (walk).

WCB provides chances to grow and bond as a unified mishpacha (family) as we learn the character trait of Hashem, mimicking those traits in our daily lives with those around us.

Our goals are to:
* Learn how to apply biblical concepts in our lives.
* Learn how to be a PROPER helpmate to our spouses in order to lead a kingdom minded household.
* Learn how to transform our minds so that we can lead a life of righteous purpose.
* To impart in us the character of the Proverbs 31 woman.
* To develop a bond with one another that will allow us to hold each other accountable to righteousness.

Proverbs 12:4 says: “a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, but she who brings shame is like rottenness in his bones.” Our desire is to be a crown to our husbands by bringing honor and not shame to his name. We are commanded to be a crown of honor to our husbands and these meetings are intended to build that character in us.

Welcom To the Group

We Welcome New Members!

Whether you are just starting your journey, or you have been through years of lessons on biblical principals, our women’s study group welcomes you to join in our journey together to strength our faith in the Word of God. Feel free to connect with our group leader and get answers to any questions you may have! We look forward to seeing you at our next meet up!

Contact The Group Leader With Your Questions:

     Alpha Cortes

    Alpha Cortes

    Group Leader

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit our “Women’s Character Building” Page. I look forward to meeting with you in person during one of our in person group meetings. Please message me directly with any questions you have regarding the classes and content that we share during each meeting.