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Shabbat Services

Located in the White Mountains of Show Low Arizona, we invite you to our weekly Shabbat Service. Explore traditional Jewish teachings and culture while studying the Tanach.

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We welcome all first time visitors. Be sure to contact the pastor with any questions you have!

Service Times and Calendar

Saturday Service @ 10 am

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Our Mission & Vision

A Torah Observant Community

We are a Jewish centered congregation that
teaches Torah Judaism. Our calling and focus
are in character building called “Musar”. We
believe that all humans have the ability to
change their character traits to a more positive
way of being that effects not only their internal
peace but also those around them. Change is
not easy, but it can all change. With the help of
Hashem through Torah Judaism and Mussar, a
person can find themselves freeing themselves
from their thoughts that keep them captive.
Hashem provides redemption for humans who
desire it, and it is all revealed in His Torah (Oral
and Written) and in the powerful teachings of
Mussar. It is in these premises that FOTW stands.


Roeh Richard Cortes~

Shabbat Service 11-19-2022

 This Week's Torah Portion Torah Portion "חיי שרה/Chayei Sarah" which means "The Life of Sarah" delivered on November 19, 2022. his week's portion covers Genesis/Beresheet 23:1-25:18 and begins, “And Sarah lived one hundred and twenty-seven years, the years of the...
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